Being freelance

isn't really being "free" at all, is it?

There’s a piece of us that longs for a chance to work on bigger projects for better brands. We want more consistent work, and work that truly inspires us. We spend more and more of our valuable creative time doing managerial business-person tasks like invoicing, sifting through emails, following new leads and marketing our services.

What if

we could work together as a collective?

What if we could all help each other bring in better work and bigger clients? What if we could offer a full suite of branding and creative services, while maintaining the freedom we have as freelancers? What if, like actors and musicians, we could have a creative management team to represent us and handle all the boring business stuff, so we could focus on innovating and doing the creative work we love?


the Black Slash creative collective

Collaborate with other top-notch talent.
Get in on jobs referred by other members.
BSCC manages inquiries, jobs, clients, and portfolios.
Choose the projects you want to work on.
Set your own rates. BSCC handles invoicing and gets you paid.
Offer your leads a full-service solution for their needs.


we all win big

Join the Black Slash creative collective to expand your portfolio, improve the quality and quantity of your workload, and be a part of something bigger than the sum of its parts.

Black Slash accepts new members by application only, and we are selective about representing only the most promising creatives of today and tomorrow. If you’re a bold developer, modern designer, or other next-generation creative and you think you’ve got what it takes, submit your work today, and apply to join us as we continue to define the future of freelance.

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